Q: How much does a subscription cost?

A: Mondada’s service is sold as a base license subscription with add-on seats to cover the number of systems in your fleet, making it affordable for companies of any size.  To enquire about how much a subscription would cost your organisation please contact us.

Q: What is the turnaround time for packages?

A: It can vary from a few hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the application payload.  For detailed information on our package turnaround times please click here.

Q: Do you build custom packages?

A: Yes, as long as a mechanism for custom configuration exists.  For detailed information on how we handle custom packages please click here.

Q: What is the delivery mechanism for packages?

A: Our preferred method of delivery is via a Dropbox for Business account, which is provisioned for you, but owned (and paid for) by Mondada.  Dropbox for Business allows us to move the required packages directly into the Dropbox shared folder, where they can be easily collected and uploaded into your fleet management tool of choice.

Q: Are updates included in my subscription?

A: Yes.  We make every effort to stay on top of vendor updates.  As soon as we become aware of an update we notify you and provide an expected delivery date for updated packages.  If you need a package update and haven’t heard from us, simply submit a request using our online form and we’ll get onto it straight away.  For any major application version releases you’ll need to submit a new request form to Mondada.

Q: What is the warranty period of the completed package if it does not install with all the requirements as per the request? What is the expected turn-around time for Mondada to deliver a replacement package with the requirements met?

A: All our packages are under warranty for the duration of the contract (your 12 month subscription).  Remediation times need to be between 5-10 working days depending on the level of complexity of the defective package.

Q: How will Mondada handle packages that require a connection to the license holder network to run correctly, such as a license server? Will it be through VPN or onsite testing?

A: We are happy to do either, or a combination of both if that is more appropriate.  But for license holders outside of Melbourne (Australia) then VPN is the only practical solution. You would need to provide Mondada with the required VPN credentials.

Q: How will Mondada handle packages that require a hardware device (eg. hardware dongle) to run?

A: Typically these are uniquely keyed, which means creating a package for an individual install.  This is not feasible from a management / deployment perspective as every machine needs to be uniquely installed and those packages would not be covered by our subscription service.  In this instance we recommend you perform manual installs of those titles.  For those that have a hardware key that is not unique to the license, we  test those packages on-site or via VPN (see above) with access to a system which has said hardware key.

Q: Does Mondada expect the license holder to provide a disk image of the current Macintosh MOE for testing of completed packages?

A: It is not expected that this would be a requirement.  We extensively test our packages to ensure that they deliver the required vendor supportable software payload.  Mondada performs limited sociability testing with common software titles, but we don’t test each of the individual packages against each other.

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