Fleet Management Systems

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There are a number of fleet management systems available now to make large-scale deployments more streamlined.  But since they all need to be supplied with packages, the new challenge faced by businesses is finding the time and technical resources needed for package creation.

Thanks the frequency of software updates these days it can be weeks that technical resources are taken off other jobs or kept from more profitable (and, let’s face it, enjoyable) activities.

In addition to the time required to build the packages, you’re faced with variances between different applications, different vendors, and often have to deal with application installers that produce inconsistent results.  All of this makes implementing standards in your technical environment practically impossible.

And that’s where we come in. 

The flexibility of our packages means that you can use them again and again across multiple sites, regardless of differences in infrastructure set up.  You’re able to achieve consistency and enforce standards. **implications?

Mondada delivers fully tested packages that produce consistent results. We rigorously test our packages against the results of the original application installers to ensure that the right software payload is delivered to the right location, every time.  It’s this rigorous testing that sets us apart and (enables us to provide our quality packaging service.)

The end result – we use our technical resources to provide the packages so that you do not need to.

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