When you partner with us to manage your fleet we take on all your packaging requirements.  You’re guaranteed a fast, simple, consistent and extensible solution that won’t leave you needing to reinvent the wheel every time you want to roll out software.  And because we charge a single subscription fee, not on a per package basis, you can take control of budgeting too.


Price and Duration

Mondada’s packaging service is sold on a per seat basis for 12 month terms.

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Mondada’s service is sold as a base license subscription with add-on seats to cover the number of systems in your fleet, making it affordable for companies of any size.

The 12 month term commences from the date that the first package is delivered.


Types of Packages Covered by the Service

Mondada covers applications and updates for installation on supported OS X versions, which is typically the current release of OS X and the previous two versions.

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Mondada provides a baseline of generic, un-serialised installation and update packages for requested products, and a custom / serial configuration package based on the requirements provided to us by you.


Custom Packages

Where a mechanism exists, we are able to fulfil requests for custom configuration packages specifically for your organisation.

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Where there is a vendor mechanism for customisation, we can create a serial or configuration package specifically for you. If there is a recognised 3rd party utility for providing the customisation, similar to a vendor-supplied mechanism, Mondada will use this to create a serial or configuration package for the software (eg: Firefox CCK wizard).

If the payload (application(s) contained within the package) is signed by a Registered Apple Developer (passes gatekeeper checks), Mondada will digitally sign the package.

Any custom configuration packages created without vendor or 3rd party tools will not be digitally signed.

If there are no mechanisms available to perform the customisation you request, we will investigate and provide custom configuration packages on a case-by-case basis, as long as the serialisation can be abstracted from the hardware on which the package is being installed.  Where a custom configuration is not possible, we will inform you of our investigations and provide recommendations for an alternative solution.


Package Turnaround Times

We maintain an extensive library of packages and can offer rapid turnaround time for a request that already exists within the library.

For new titles, our method allows us to package some software in under an hour. However, applications with a large and/or complicated payload can take a week or two before we can deliver a package we believe is up to our standard of quality.

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Once Mondada approves a request we provide an expected delivery date, as well as up-to-date job tracking information throughout the whole process.

Our turnaround times are typically:

  • 3 working days for a simple package
  • 6 working days for a moderate package (3-10 components)
  • 15 working days for a complex package (>10 components)

(Note: we run 3 separate development/test streams for package requests, after which point delivery estimates are cumulative.  For more information about turnaround times, contact our team).

We provide rigorously tested, consistent and extensible packages that enable you to roll out your software the same way, every time, across multiple locations.  Given the complexity involved in creating a standardised package, we’re not always able to give guaranteed turnaround times.  Any suspected delays to delivery are communicated as quickly and transparently as possible.


Package Delivery

Our preferred method of delivery is via a Dropbox for Business account, which is provisioned for you, but owned (and paid for) by us.

Dropbox for Business allows us to move the required packages directly into the Dropbox shared folder, where they can be easily collected and uploaded into your fleet management tool of choice.


Providing Package Updates

We track vendor updates to the best of our ability.  As soon as we become aware of an update we contact you with an expected delivery date for those packages.

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If you need a package update and haven’t heard from us, simply submit a request and we’ll get onto it straight away.

For any major application version releases you’ll need to submit a new request form to Mondada.


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