Mondada makes deploying software simpler and more efficient than ever before.  We save you precious time and money by implementing technical standards, increasing IT staff efficiency, and delivering budget certainty.


Do Away with Disk Imaging

Businesses are steering away from inefficient and costly traditional disk imaging to deploy software and software updates, opting instead to use fleet management systems to make large-scale deployments more streamlined.

But fleet management systems all share one big problem: they need to be supplied with packages.  While organisations have done away with the laborious process of disk imaging, the new challenge they face is the time and technical resources required for package creation.


The Hidden Costs of In-house Package Creation

Building packages in-house can be as time consuming as traditional disk imaging.  Plus, it comes with significant challenges:
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  • Relentless software updates
    A single software application can experience multiple patch updates in a month.  Multiply that by the number of different software applications and vendors in a business environment and it’s no wonder many companies struggle to keep their fleet up to date.

Mondada handles all your packaging requirements, including all updates released during the course of your subscription.


  • Lack of standards within vendors and applications
    Thanks to the variances between vendors, installer packages are different for each application and each vendor. The process of software deployment changes across each application and vendor and as a result, fleet management systems require significant and costly customisation.

Mondada delivers standardised installer packages across all vendors.  This removes the need to customise fleet management systems for each vendor’s product.  It also ensures businesses have the flexibility to change fleet management systems at any time, without needing to recreate packages.  Implementing a standard delivery mechanism also drastically reduces internal training requirements.


  • Application installers produce inconsistent results
    Some application installers produce inconsistent results even when using the vendor’s original installation media or updating engine.

Mondada rigourously tests our packages against the results of the original application installers to ensure that the right software payload is delivered to the right location, every time.


  • Outsourcing on a per package basis is unpredictable
    Many companies already choose to outsource a percentage of their packaging requirements, but it’s traditionally charged on a per package basis and doesn’t include patch updates.  Companies are at the mercy of vendor release cycles, never knowing how many packages they need to build over the course of a year.  And while some packages may seem simple enough to build in-house, often they turn out to be far more complicated.

Mondada does away with per package pricing.  We take on all your packaging requirements for a single annual fee, calculated on the number of systems in your environment.  There is no limit to the number of application packages you can request during the course of your subscription and updates are included in the purchase price.  Budgeting has never been this easy.

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